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Somatic Therapy
Body-centered therapy for Anxiety Trauma
and Generational Wounds.

How Can We Help?

Psychotherapy is covered by Insurance In Toronto and  Ontario


My name is Adina Nistor, Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) 

I can help you heal from negative emotions and negative thought patterns, by using Somatic Therapy in conjunction with Mindfulness and Relational Psychodynamic methods.

I believe that opening up about our struggles sheds light on the things that have always remained hidden and is the first step to healing our minds and bodies.

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Psychotherapy Services

Covered by Insurance 

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Somatic Therapy

Mind Body Spirit connection
Access to traumatic material in an empowering way 
Effective with most mental health symptoms, such as
anxiety, depression and anger.

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In Person Therapy

Offered in Toronto:

In the heart of Liberty Village

Downtown Toronto 




Virtual Therapy

Fits a busy life style 

From the comfort of your own home 
wherever you are in the world at this time 

Core Purpose Psychotherapy

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Somatic Therapy
    Somatic Therapy is Body centred therapy that usually leads to a release of pent un tensions and emotions from the body. The release is achieved through the process of attunement to the body neutrally and non judgmentally in the present moment.
  • What is the process in somatic healing?
    The name of the somatic therapy I use is called CRM- developed by Lisa Schwarz: The process entails: Attunement, or focus, is brought to body sensations that hold painful emotions, as well as body sensation that hold feelings of security peace and love. In order to make the nervous system stronger to get to the root of the painful emotions, a number of techniques are used to optimize attunement: - Breathing techniques - Sound-toning - attachment attunement behaviours with an imaginary animal or Spiritual Being - Brainspotting- the use of eye positions to improve focus - Sacred Geometry - Sacred place- attunement to nature
  • How long does Therapy last?
    Therapy length differs from case to case, and there is no specific time frame for change to occur. Therapy length can depend of the following factors: The therapeutic goal Generational history Childhood history Your current environment The presence or absence of traumatic experiences The way in which emotions are processed in general Adherence to the therapeutic approach
  • How is somatic therapy different from talk therapy?
    Somatic therapy recognizes that understanding where emotions come from is not enough to change the way we feel and react. A deeper process is needed in order to alter the automatic and reflexive reactions of the nervous system. It helps to undo unwanted conditioned responses, as well as relieving the body of resentment and the pain we hang onto from life disappointments.
Core Purpose Psychotherapy

I use a wholesome deep processing approach that can reduce your anxiety and emotional pain.
If you have been feeling stuck, its because you haven’t learned the language of your nervous system yet, and knowing it is key to healing yourself.

I can help you find the root cause of your suffering and put and end to it for good

Have you been searching for therapy that works?

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Therapy can help you find:

A way to Heal and Transform
The answers to your most deeply rooted questions
Who you are at the core of your being
How to listen to your heart and to your intuition
A way to break free of your old patterns
A way forward

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